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We work for Africa’s future! It’s why our main vision is to give the opportunity to the all sectors; lower to the upper, the opportunity of posting any service or business as stated:  brooking, car dealer, car directory, car listing, Car Portal, classified, directory, Event Directory, event listing, listing, local directory, real estate, realtors, reservation, entertainment, tourism, travel, listing property, hospitality listings, shopping online, etc..

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We,  are here to help your business and make sure that everyone can find your company in Africa. Whether you are a manufacturer, a service provider, or a distributor looking for new channels to expand your business, then this is for you. List your company on the leading African business directory and maximize your profits.

Improve your marketing strategy with the leading African Business directory by getting more exposure online. Firstly, add your company to business listing and give it more local, African, and worldwide visibility. It is up to you. Create a dedicated business page and get exposed easily to potential customers in your area and all over Africa. specialized in listing African based companies, We are also the ideal platform to explore various business opportunities in Africa. All under one roof. Above all, this gives you a chance to find potential business partners. Very useful to develop your organization locally or internationally.

Turn on your marketing campaign to the maximum with the African business directory. Because by adding your company idea or services, you will expose your brand to the . And search engines will find your business easily. So, do not miss this chance. Register now, and take your business to the next level.

EXPATFORAFRICA.COM aims at promoting direct contacts between African business people and international suppliers by providing useful information on various aspects of the African market. Covering specific trade sectors and commodities, articles and features on provide useful insights into the changing demands and needs of the African market – specially from a global perspective.

EXPATFORAFRICA.COM has played an instrumental role in promoting direct trade between the Africa and the rest of the world. Our responsible website and blog attached to it aims at providing African businesses the opportunity to explore new sources of supply from the international markets while at the same time providing overseas companies an excellent opportunity to promote their products and services in the new and emerging markets in Africa. is popular amongst exporters, importers, general merchants, manufacturers and traders in Africa and has served as a ready reference guide for business people in Africa looking for new sources of supply. EXPATFORAFRICA.COM has been extremely successful in developing some specific trade sectors, namely: Electronics, Household Appliances, Computer Hardware & Accessories, Automobile Spare Parts, Electrical Equipment & Lighting, Plastic Products, Stationery Items, Packaging Materials, Cosmetics, Perfumes & Toiletries, Printing – to name a few.

The success of EXPATFORAFRICA.COM can be gauged by the fact that many export-oriented companies from around the world have been able to establish direct contacts with their business counterparts in African countries by advertising in the is owned by a big team of Computer Engineers from around Africa with the point of changing their motherland to the other point; by providing them the source based-platform which is will help them to expand their ideas and businesses.

We would be happy to provide additional information on specific sectors. You comments, suggestions on how to improve this website are always welcome.


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With this amazing platform; you're able to search and retrieve whatever you need ! I mean: Real Estate services (Rent & Sell), Hospitality Services, Selling and Retting Vehicles. In addition to this; we have the system of publishing and selling tickets of events.

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This platform also help you to connect with more people around the globe to each-other

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